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All Commercials Are NOT Created Equal…

Radio and podcast advertising have two things in common.

1) They’re audio only.

2) They MUST paint a picture in the mind of the audience about what YOU can do for them.

If you have a podcast, how are you going to make money with it? By selling ads, of course. Don’t you want the businesses who advertise with you to make money off their commercials? That’s what we’ll cover in Ads For Podcasts.

If you’re a business owner who wants to advertise on the popular podcasts, you want your commercials to work for you – not against you – right? That’s just a part of what we’ll cover in Ads For Podcasts.

International marketing and messaging expert Tim Burt guides you through the most important part of podcasting…how to make money with it!

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Enroll now for only $499 $199

Here’s what you will learn in Ads For Podcasts:

Section 1: Understanding The Basics

Ads For Podcasts with Tim Burt

Part 1: The Differences Between Radio & Podcast Ads

Part 2: The Five Keys To Know BEFORE Creating Your Advertisements

Part 3: 7 More Keys To Advertising Success

Section 2: Creating Your Ad(s)

Ads For Podcasts with Tim Burt

Part 1: How Long Should Your Ads Be?

Part 2: Three Types Of Commercials You Can Use

Part 3: Creating An Informational Ad

Part 4: Compare & Contrast Advertising (POWERFUL!)

Part 5: An Example Of A Commercial For Service Industries

Section 3: Where Should Your Ads Go & Sponsorships

Ads For Podcasts with Tim Burt

Part 1: Where Is The Best Place For Your Ads? You’ll learn the best places for your commercials in podcasts and shows to get the most impact

Part 2: Sponsorships: The sneaky trick you (and your clients) can use to their full potential. The good news is, hardly anyone is using this right now!


Ads For Podcasts with Tim Burt

Watch over my shoulder as I take an actual script, break it down, and re-write it on your screen.

This is a very powerful demonstration of everything you’ll learn in the prior parts. 

And you can use it yourself when you re-write your own ads – FOREVER.


Ads For Podcasts with Tim Burt

You’ll also get access to a closed Facebook group where you can ask me questions – LIVE.

You’ll get four (4) LIVE Facebook sessions that you will have access to FOREVER.

These groups will be held once a week for four weeks, and they’ll be inside of our private Facebook group.

Are you stuck with your ads?

Not sure if you’re being ripped off when trying to buy ads on a podcast?

How much should you charge people to be on YOUR podcast?

I normally charge $250 an hour for this service, but it’s included with your membership!

Enroll now for only $499 $199

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